Thanks for visiting our Website! It is an honour to welcome and introduce you to National Institute of Computer Education & Information.

We excel, and make you excel at our institute. National Institute of Computer Education & Information is a 'stepping-stone' towards a rewarding future. We welcome you to our institute and to take your futureand career forward with us.

Information Technology today is recognized as from tier area of knowledge and also a critical enabling Tool for assimilating , processing and productivising all other spheres of knowledge . India has achieved . Tremendous growth in this area and is now being considered as a potential I.T super power in the world. The main motive behind the establishment of this society was to provide computer education to every Cerner of the country . I am sure over our student can meet any demond for challenges that the employer may have and them. I wish them great success in all their endeavour's and quest for a better tomorrow for them selves and for the man kind.

Director's Name : Late Mr. Arun Srivastava

Our Courses

C Language
C++ Language
Tally 9.0
Fundamental & Internet

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